Below are some hints to help you fix some issues you may have with your computer. However; if you feel the need to get more help you can always contact us. There are programs we can run to clean  not only spywares in your machine but also unnecessary files that can make your PC running very slow.

   Is your computer running slow?

If your computer is running slow, it is time for you to start thinking about some clean up. Many reasons can cause your computer to run slow. Among the reasons, since you are on the net all the time, your computer may be infected with spyware, viruses, and trojan horse.

Do you have problem to connect to the internet?

If your computer cannot connect to the internet, it is most likely you have some networking issues. Many things can be the cause. It can be your computer itself, your router, or it can be your internet provider.If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.


    Do you want to build a web site?

      If you want to build a web site for any reason; do not hesitate to contact us. We can help build a professional web site that can attract viewers. Sometimes, it may be just a blog that you want to build: We are here for you.Whether it is for your business or to publish some personal contents.We use HTML or other CMS like WordPress to build  some very attractive web sites. Below are some of the background images you can put onto your home page to make it look beautiful. It is not only to make it beautiful  but it is what viewers like. They like the front page to be simple so they can navigate easily.

                       Build your web site yourself

You can build your web site yourself if you have the time. These are the steps to take. First, you have to get a domain. You can buy a domain from any domain seller or buy it from the company that is going to host your site. Second, of course get a host. There are many hosts out there, but I prefer because you get more for your buck.At last, design your site. When designing your site, you can use what the host provides, which usually it is a drag and drop situation to build simple web site. Or, you can use their cPanel to use wordPress or any other CMS.