Cyber security is a concern - how to protect yourself and take it as an opportunity?


      Based on statistics, the growing of the internet every day develops some concern  on cyber -security. Even though, there are millions of people on the web looking for information, some others are there to defeat the purpose of the internet, which most people use for research, shopping, and many other things.

     Over time, the number of people who use the internet keeps increasing and no one can stop it. You remember back in the days, the access to the internet was restricted only to personal computers; today it is different, because more people have access to the web using multiple other devices and the numbers are huge. In the middle of 2017, experts say that more than three billion users were on line surfing the web. Click to see a real time traffic on the web. 

      With that number of  devices attached to the internet, security becomes an issue, and experts say that we do not have enough qualified security technicians to properly secure the global computer network.In an article, on Forbes Magazine, dated in March 2017, Jeff Kauflin stated that ISACA, a non profit organization, makes a prediction that by 2019, it will be a shortage of  about two million cyber security professionals needed to secure the computer networks.



    We need to protect ourselves. I guess, it is not news in our ears that our country, including many other countries, is under attack every day by people who take advantage of breaches existed in many computer networks to defeat the purpose of the internet, which is to educate many web surfers.

  Since there are not enough technicians and  it will not be enough professionals to properly secure the computer networks, there is a necessity for you and  I to protect ourselves by prevention. These are my advices  for you to protect yourself, and I know many people think the same way as well:

   Always keep you computer updated with the latest patches. That is why we partner with HelloTech, a well known technical support company, to help people secure their computers. It is not without reasons that Microsoft   keeps creating the windows updates. Choose very strong password for all your accounts , review your bank statements very often, and do not click on emails that you do not trust. Forbes Magazine, a well known journal, provides few tips on how to protect yourself against cyber attack.

   It is very important to understand the era we are living in. It is  a technology era, and keep in mind that no one will be able to stop people using technology. Cyber security  should be the concern of everyone,  particularly all the web surfers. We also have to keep in mind that we are all a target; however, we cannot give up. That is why we have to inform each other to keep the web safer. Although cyber security is a concern, however, it opens a door  for people who are curious to learn a new trade. Every year, more than 40.000 jobs go unfilled in cyber security. If you learn that trade, maybe you will be the one  who will help us secure the internet.




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