Month: April 2017

If you are interested in publishing some contents, either some stories that you want to share with other people or anything else, you do not have to spend much money. The technologies today allow you to do so for free through blogging. But how can you do that?

These are the steps:

1- Go to this site:

2-Create an account (for free)

3- Click the TAB: "Start with a Blog"

4- Choose a theme (Note: A theme is only a template that shows you how your blog page will look like)

5- Type the name of your site in the box (For example:  johndoe and TAB out)

Look for the line that says: You also have to realize that your site name ends with This is to say that it is because it is free. If you want your site to be you may have to select a premium update where you are going to have to pay.

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